About Rochee

I’m Rochee, I have two beautiful children and have lived happily with their dad for over 16 years, I’ve definitely found my soulmate for life.

I’m very easy going and try to enjoy life as much as I can, as life is too short for regrets. 

I’m a great believer that everyone has to start from somewhere, and that you never stop learning no matter what age you are.

I started this page not only because I talk way too much, but most crucially to share some tips and knowledge on all the stuff kept hidden from us in the hope to educate and change not only your life but the future generations for the better. 

Becoming a parent has motivated me to want and do the best for my children as we all do.

I’m qualified in Beauty Therapy/Health and Well Being and just love helping others.

 In my spare time I love to cook, watch movies and carry out research online, which led me to publish two short eBooks on the subject of making money online which is something I’m also interested in and have been doing for over 14 years as a side hustle as well as working part-time.